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Ghost lyrics


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        The mind is grey like the city
    Packing in and overgrown
    Love is deep, dig it out
    Standing in a hole alone
    Working for something one can never hold
    A place in the clouds
    Good place to hide, oh my oh

    So I'm flying away, away
    Driving away, away

    Seeking new ways, before I miss it all (miss it all)

    The TV, she talks to me
    Breaking news and building walls
    Selling me what I don't need
    Didn't know soap made you taller

    So I'm riding away, away
    Hiding away, away

    So much talk it makes no sense at all

    So I'm flying away, away
    Driving away, away

    Passing old friends I don't miss at all (miss at all)

    It doesn't hurt when I bleed
    But memories they eat me
    I've seen it all before
    Bring it on, cause I'm no victim
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